Hospitalman Shannon Crowley, 22, of Swampscott, Massachusetts on patrol.
Shir Ghazay Patrol Base, Landay Nawah County, Afghanistan.

The historiography of women’s photojournalistic work, while still sparse, has gained ground in the past thirty years, due to the stellar and consistent work of female photographers, academics, museum curators, and editors. The fields of photojournalism and documentary photography reflect the political, social and cultural configurations of predominant ideologies.

Our understanding of what is history-making and newsworthy has been predominately defined and captured through a patriarchal lens. We need to know and understand our own history.

Sybylla’s article in ZEKE magazine illustrates the myriad ways in which women photographers have always been in the picture despite historically inequitable access—seeking truth, bearing witness and making invaluable contributions. She looks back to reclaim history and honor the creative strategies of these women. She also looks at innovative storytelling by contemporary women whose practices illustrate how seeing the world through a woman’s lens concurrently informs and transforms photojournalism and our understanding of the truth.

J. Sybylla Smith

Part artist, part academic, J. Sybylla Smith is equally compelled to create art as to examine its cultural significance. Roles as a fashion designer, stylist, and creative director have all been informed by the need to develop a visual language that conveys a concept, idea or theory.

Her diverse resume reflects over 25 years of curating fine art photography exhibitions with international photographers, bringing advertising campaigns and fashion editorials to fruition, and developing and teaching university curriculum, Concept Aware™, on creativity and concept development.

Her collaborations have led to lasting relationships with renowned galleries, museums, art fairs, advertising agencies, and international print publications. Smith’s current practice focuses on developing creative content for individual clients and organizations as a curator, portfolio reviewer/creator, editor, brand developer,
educator and speaker.

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