It was December, not much snow on the ground and the wind was a steady 15-20 mph. I don’t know what the actual temperature was, but even with every piece of cold weather gear I owned on, including 3 layers of gloves, an EMS mountain parka good to -5º below 0, and I was still cold. And that is saying a lot since I used to live in Alaska and thought I was used to the cold. But I was on Plum Island in Newburyport, MA an hour before sunrise. Who knew it could get that cold here! The jetty helps protect the mouth of the Merrimac River along with the North Jetty just across the mouth in Salisbury, MA. When I left the house there was a heavy overcast and I wondered why I was doing this, the sun will never show with this much cloud cover. My gear was ready to go so I didn’t have to expose my fingers to the cold too long. When I walked out on the beach it was very dark but I saw a very dim hint of light on the horizon so I decided to stay. I composed my shot and waited. As the clouds lifted, the light on the horizon turned a beautiful pink magenta. I was cold, couldn’t stop shaking, I’d lost most of the feeling in my fingers, but I was there and determined to get the shot. The wind was blowing hard and I had to unzip my parka to block my tripod and camera to help minimize camera shake. After a few frames, I couldn’t take the cold any longer and headed back to the warmth of my car. I love this photo and the memories of that morning.

“South Jetty”, Plum Island – 24”x8.5” on a 28”x10.5″ sheet.


Other sizes available.

Printed on Canson Etching Rag on an Epson 3880.

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