Thistle & Isles – © Jeremy Barnard

Sweethaven Gallery

October 2 – October 27

Opening reception: October 5, 4–7pm

25L Inn Street – downtown Newburyport

By the fountain down the stairs

Light refreshments will be served

When I was young, I was interested, to the point of obsession, in all things Zen. Much to the chagrin of my parents, a large portion of my time reading was spent devouring books about Zen instead of the “classics”, on which they wished I would focus. My youthful preoccupation with Zen stayed with me, and continues to inform my passion for photography. I seem to exhibit an almost subconscious tendency to create images that ask more questions than they answer. This collection of photographs, which I am calling “Moments of Zen”, contains images that clearly demonstrate Zen’s enduring influence upon my life. Jeremy Barnard

Jeremy Barnard has been primarily a practitioner of black and white photography for the past forty plus years. He is self-taught, his craft having been molded and influenced by the photography and writings of some of the great masters. “My love affair with photography began when I developed my first roll of film and created my first print. I fell in love with the process, the magic.” His passionate pursuit of technical excellence has kept Jeremy involved in every step of the photographic process. He retains control even into the presentation stage by doing his own post processing, mounting, matting, and framing.

More than twenty-five years ago the computer made its appearance in Jeremy’s work environment. In the beginning he viewed it as an overly complex typewriter. As it began to insert itself into the world of photography it was easy to be skeptical about its photographic future, since the early results of digital imaging were disappointing. Things, as we now know, have changed radically in the digital world of photography. Output quality has surpassed that of film. At this point it has been over thirty years since Jeremy has shot a roll of film, and he’s not looking back.

Mr. Barnard’s approach to his work can best be described as an ongoing process of self-discovery. His photographs walk a fine line between abstraction and realism. “My process of observation begins with a wide view of my subject, seeing it in its environmental context. With the knowledge that my image will lack impact if I don’t get close enough, I ask myself what it is about the scene that captivates me, and I move in to isolate that element.” The resultant images possess the abstract qualities of shape and form. Jeremy prefers natural to artificial light, but has, over the years, learned to be comfortable in the studio. In his artistic work he prefers to make images that do not contain people. However, his images frequently contain evidence that people have been there, adding an element of mystery. “I like to make pictures that ask more questions than they answer.”

Artist/writer David Raymond wrote in Art New England that Barnard’s photographs “not only convey a sense of place, but a sense of time transcending place, his work is poetic in unexpected ways.”

Sweethaven Gallery is dedicated to art and photography and features landscapes of Newburyport, Plum Island and beyond, bronze sculpture and jewelry, and slab made pottery. We work closely with our clients to insure they find the images and art they love that fit perfectly in their home.

We participate in ArtWalk weekends, First Thursdays, Pop-Up events and special showings throughout the year.

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