Art has been my most passionate endeavor since my early days studying graphic design at Greenfield Community College.

    I am not tethered to one particular style or medium, perhaps because of what may influence my approach on any given day. This influence comes from many sources such as, nature, music, relationships, other artists, weather and where I am in the world. I may bring out the palate knife, begin with a drawing, a wash of color or use just my fingers resulting in something figurative, a landscape, an abstract piece, a collage, or a mixture of all of the above. My inspiration is constantly evolving.

    My ultimate goal is to render a piece that is evocative and gives the viewer pause. In the end, I am trying to create something that is visually interesting, graceful and gratifying to my art soul.

JUNE 14 – JULY 16


Saturday, June 17, 1 – 6 p.m. during Newburyport ArtWalk

Light refreshments will be served

25L Inn Street, Newburyport, MA


By the fountain – down the stairs

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