Sweethaven Gallery

25L Inn Street
Newburyport, MA
December 7, 2017 — January 7, 2018
Saturday, December 9, 1:00–6:00 p.m.
Light refreshments will be served

CINDIA SANFORD is known for her evocative and atmospheric paintings and drawings of landscapes both vast and intimate. She writes:

“As a child I spent many precious hours with my grandfather, exploring the forest and fields surrounding his home in Lancaster, Massachusetts. I learned to move quietly among trees, to listen, to feel, to see. The perfume of sweet fern, the haunting song of a wood thrush, the bitter/minty taste of a wintergreen leaf found on the forest floor. An ancient uprooted tree with gnarled roots pointing to sky. Much is sensed, yet unseen. A ripple just below the surface, a rustling in the shadows. Something undefinable passing through. My emotional and spiritual connections with the land are founded in these memories.”

This exhibit at Sweethaven Gallery, her third, presents new paintings and drawings completed within the past year. She has exhibited nationally in galleries for forty years.

To see a portfolio of the paintings and drawings included in this show, CLICK HERE.


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