When I was young, I was interested, to the point of obsession, in all things Zen. Much to the chagrin of my parents, a large portion of my time reading was spent devouring books about Zen instead of the “classics”, on which they wished I would focus. My youthful preoccupation with Zen stayed with me, and continues to inform my passion for photography. I seem to exhibit an almost subconscious tendency to create images that ask more questions than they answer. This collection of photographs, which I am calling “Moments of Zen”, contains images that clearly demonstrate Zen’s enduring influence upon my life. Jeremy Barnard

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All images © Jeremy Barnard


Thistle & Isles — 26×20


Angel — 20×30


Victory Time — 44×26 — SOLD


Apple Barn — 16×20


Augusta BPOE Tree — 16×20


Autum Sunset — 16×20 framed


Black Island — 16×20


Edinburgh Tree Fingers — 44×26


Haley’s Wet Back — 26×44


Otter Icing — 20×16


Perennial Leaves — 16×20


Tattered Flag — 20×26


Snake Pit — 40×28.75